Nick Zachar is an award-winning filmmaker currently working for NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries as their Video Producer/Diver. Through the Stories from the Blue series, he has the opportunity to find and share stories about America’s underwater treasures and, more importantly, the people who dedicate their lives to taking care of these special places. Alongside his team, he is directing, shooting, and editing virtual reality films that will allow viewers to explore the blue from anywhere in the world. Previously, Nick was a Producer/Editor for National Geographic's Digital Team.


Nick's background in biology led to published work as an undergraduate in the Neiman Lab at the University of Iowa, which looked at fundamental questions in evolutionary biology of an invasive freshwater snail.


Nick spent his childhood exploring the coral reefs of the Caribbean. Two decades later, he has witnessed these same reefs decline dramatically. Documenting and sharing these changes taking place in the natural world of which humans are inherently intertwined is what drives him each day.

During Nick's career he has had the opportunity to repel into crevasses of glaciers, film aerial footage from helicopters, and swim alongside sea turtles and sharks, all in order to "get the shot".


Nick specializes in field production and strives to find and share meaningful stories with broad public audiences that shed light on the most important environmental and wildlife issues of our time.

His goal: inspire viewers to take action in protecting our

Blue Planet.

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